Kids Christmas Activities

Six inexpensive kid’s Christmas activities that are fun and reflect the spirit of the season.

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During the Christmas season, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, with festive meals, neighborhood get-togethers and other activities which are geared towards the ‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Man’ theme of Jesus’ teachings. Today, Christmas has undoubtedly become rather commercialized. Many families are looking for ways to emphasize the spirit of the season with activities that are less commercial and more spiritual in nature.

When the kid’s Christmas break rolls around, you have a perfect opportunity to use that time to involve the children in some worthy and enjoyable kid’s Christmas activities, which demonstrate what Christmas is really about – giving, sharing and showing love towards the people right in their own community. Here we’ve got six such kid’s Christmas activities to help kids learn what their faith is about: as a matter of fact, these kid’s Christmas activities may be so successful in spreading that spirit, you may find that the kids start thinking up projects that make this attitude a year ’round undertaking. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Before we go into these activities, let us look at the possibilities of very inexpensive games available at, that when played can be the best Christmas activates for kids. The image below displays just two of them.

Kids Christmas Activities

1.Certain Bible stories, particularly those from the New Testament, are one way to teach kids what Jesus’ message is all about. For example, the Sermon on the Mount and the good Samaritan can be good places to start. Reading these excerpts from the Bible gives you an opportunity to have a discussion on what they think the message is. Another good discussion topic might be focused on what Jesus meant when he said “… the Kingdom of God is within you.” These kid’s Christmas activities help bring the meaning of their faith into focus.

2.Instead of buying an advent calendar, try letting the kids make their own. A few sheets of stiff paper, a pair of scissors, some school glue and markers, colored paper or crayons, and a couple of vials of glitter are all you need. These advent calendars can be saved as treasured family mementos and made each year.

3.Holiday baking is another kid’s Christmas activity which nurtures the spirit of giving. Even young children can make fudge and cookies. They can contribute much of their goodies to the church bake sale, bring them to neighbors as gifts, donate them to a food kitchen or food bank. You’ll be surprised at the pleasure the kids experience, having contributed to the enjoyment of others.

4.Most towns and cities have at least a few neighborhoods in which everyone gets into making a fabulous Christmas lights display. Make time to tour these neighborhoods – kids are fascinated by the splendid decorations. Bring a disposable camera for each of the kids to record their favorites. These photos can be put into an album to pass around for viewing by friends and neighbors, which helps inspire other families to do the same. “I am the light …” is perhaps the origin of this Christmas tradition and makes for inspiring, beautiful, fun kid’s Christmas activities.

5.Fund raising and volunteer projects teach kids that there are indeed people in need and that they can, as a single individual, do something to make others lives more enjoyable. Visiting elderly people in nursing homes, collecting magazines and books to donate to their school, nursing homes and neighbors provides a way to ease the boredom and loneliness of people without such simple pleasures. A teacher can use such materials to organize many art projects, such as a collage of magazine cut-outs. The school library can always use some more books. If your community has a special need, such as equipment and supplies for a kid’s community center, have the kids brainstorm and initiate a fund raising drive to fill a specific need in their community.

6.The best kid’s Christmas activities are those which deemphasize the commercialism of Christmas. Try letting the kids make Christmas gift wrapping paper, decorating rolls of white school paper with markers, acrylic paint, crayons and glitter. This is surely one of the gift wrappings which will be saved by the recipients! Gift baskets are another of the great kid’s Christmas activities. A basket of fruit or coffee, is perfect for adults. A gift basket filled with small toys, stickers and a sprinkling of individual candies is highly appreciated by kids. Again, the kids can make gift baskets for people they don’t even know, donated to churches or philanthropic organizations to be distributed to people who may not have many gifts under their tree.

These six kid’s Christmas activities provide fun for the kids and help spread the true spirit of Christmas. Many kids will want to continue to participate in these activities long after Christmas is over, purely for the pleasure of loving their fellow man. Which, after all, is the true spirit of Christmas.

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