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I live in, and operate from Australia. My contact details can be found below my signature.

After under going a total laryngectomy operation in July 1995, as a permanent cure for cancer of the larynx, I had to learn to speak again at the age of 49, and till to-day continue to speak with the help of a voice prosthesis.

In 2003, things so happened, that I faced the imminent threat of not being able to use a voice prosthesis any more. When this happens I would become a ‘mute’ totally speechless, creating the need for me to find alternative employment wherein I could work without having to talk.

In May 2004 an American company, StoresOnline Inc, of Orem Utah, held a workshop in Melbourne, Australia, promoting ‘Internet Marketing’, and their web hosting services.

This was what I was looking for. As an Internet Merchant, emails and published WebPages would do all my talking for me. I purchased a package of 6 websites.

To the question ‘what do I sell on these websites’, I was told to try and sell things that I had a passion for, understood, and used a lot.

My passions are Animals, especially Cats, Children, Photography and Gift giving, not necessarily in that order.

When I started this venture in May 2004, I discovered that Australians were not yet ready to trust the Internet as a Market Place. Building websites to sell consumer products to the Australian market would have been pointless.

The best International Market I could find was the 48 continental states of the USA.

The first site that went live in August 2004 was www.catbedandtoy.com, and gradually the other five followed.

All the products I sell are purchased from manufacturers and distributors in the USA. They send what I buy directly to my customers, cutting out the middle men, thereby making it feasible for me to sell at discount prices.

This is a business venture, and the only means of livelihood for me and my dependants.

The above being the case, I am Honest and Professional, qualities without which, I cannot succeed in this highly competitive business.

As of the 1st August 2011, apart from these six websites, I also own 12 content authority sites and 65 WordPress Blogs.

Noel Benjamin D’Costa.

Room 14
St. Joseph’s Center
23 – 27 Llewellyn Court
Noble Park, Victoria 3174

Phone 61 03 97016125

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